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Dear Jennifer,

Your interventions with Leo were brilliant.  We have been doing the dual gentle-leader/prong method and coupling a verbal cue of "leave it" with the pull of the prong.  After much exposure to bunnies, squirrels, other dogs and having just run the gamut on our walk tonight, I am happy to report he is really not needing the tug of the gentle leader and has not bolted once.  Better, he is actually turning to "leave it."

Thanks so much for helping us and we will continue to reinforce, but you possible saved his life.  No more running across the street!

Lisa - Leo
Chicago, IL


Jennifer and team,

Not sure if you remember me or Boomer but we went through ITE with you a few years back and I just wanted to take some time to say thanks.  Boomer had become the best trained most obedient dogs I have ever come across.  There was not a week that had gone by where I was not stopped and asked "how did you get this dog to behave so nicely".  Of course I told them all about COTW and then also explained the requirement of follwoing up with many hours of reinforcement after ITE was done.  Maybe you recall (no pun intended) the story "Boomer and Bear"?  Boomer and I were on a hike in upper Minnesota and he took off after a black hear only to stop dead in his tracks on recall, Front!  I tell that story over and over.  Boomer went everywhere with me and we had a special bond I have never attained with any other animal or human for that matter.

October 25th I lost Boomer to Spleen cancer, we went for a 3 mile run on Monday of that week and I was putting him down on Thursday.  He was a very young athlete and taken from me at a young age.

Jennifer thanks to you and your fine team of professionals for setting me up for success.

Ron M.

Ron M. - Boomer
Chicago, IL



I don't even know how to begin to thank you for all that you gave to Annie and to me over the past nine years.  From the very first puppy class to helping me through the end of her life.  You have always been there.  You helping me through the early stages when she was a crazy and silly puppy.... I remember wondering what in the heck I had gotten myself into.  Well, I now know exactly what I got when Annie came into my life.  Neverending joy and enthusiasim.  Laughter and silliness.  A love that was solid and strong and consistant and comforting.  A true friend and companion who was always there for me in good times and not as good times.  You know all that... what fun you must have as you start each new puppy class and watch the dogs and humans grow and learn together.

Thank you for teaching us so much and for being part of our lives.

Love, Susan

Susan - Annie
Chicago, IL


Years ago before I started my own small in-home training business Jennifer Boznos mentored me and I learned so much from her and the trainers at COTW. Jennifer has it all- she has a comprehensive understanding of dog behavior and can teach clients what normal canine behavior is and which behaviors are potentially problematic. Jennifer is a gifted teacher of both the dogs and their humans. She has developed a program of teaching that guides students through the challenging but joyful puppy stage, through the terrible teens all the way to adulthood. I'm so impressed with the professionalism of everyone there and it is obvious that her trainers and day care staff have the same love of dogs and professional standards. And, I can tell they love working there. I am getting a puppy soon and I will likely enroll my dog in her ITE ( intensive training experience program). There's a class here that will suit you and your dog's individual needs. I can't wait to start training again at Call of the Wild and I won't be at all surprised to find people here who are on their 2nd or 3rd generation dog. Once you start training at Call of the Wild, you learn a skill set and way of relating to dogs that makes so much sense; for YOU and your dog. Jennifer and the entire staff help you get off on the right "paw" with your dog and build a wonderful bond. Everything I've learned here has allowed me to travel with my dog, stay in hotels and fancy condos. They are so well behaved we actually get invited back. Thanks Call of the Wild. COTW is an outstanding school. It's a lively and fun place to train. It's a safe and comfortable place to send your dog for board and train. COTW helps owners understand their dogs and develop lifelong skills and communication styles that make for happy people and happy dogs. 4 paws UP! from this happy client.

Judy - Friend of Call of the Wild
Chicago, IL


Hi!  I just want to pass along to you guys that all of your training and hard work with Ivy was incredibly helpful.  She slept in her crate all night without crying!  She started crying, but the metal leash contraption worked beautifully.  Thank you!  We are grateful for your expertise.

She will see you guys tomorrow for more play time.
Miriam L - Ivy Jane
Chicago, IL

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