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DogPrivate Lessons

Our great trainers are available in the evenings during the week for private lessons. You work one-on-one with the trainer of your choice in our facility. Focus only on your training issues and proceed at your own pace.

While especially useful for behavioral problems, all aspects of obedience training may be covered in private lessons.

If you're registered for class but don't want to wait, schedule a private lesson. It's like a headstart program for your dog. You'll find you get that much more out of your class.

Our trainers are professionals who work together to design our training programs. They keep up with the latest research on dog behavior and learning techniques and incorporate that into your lessons.

Whatever your training issue, we're here to help!


Price is $90 or $110 per hour. Call 773-539-1088 to schedule an appointment.

Phone: 773.539.1088 . Fax: 773.539.2238
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