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Our Premier Training Program

A customized four-week training program designed just for your dog by our team of professional trainers.

Your dog receives regular training sessions on a daily basis. This structure and repetition means learning takes place more quickly and will stay with your dog.

Why choose ITE?

The knowledge and expertise of our entire training team is concentrated on the success of your dog's program.

The ITE program gives your dog a strong training foundation, making him a better pet and prepared for any other dog activity you may choose to pursue.

What will my dog learn?

You get to choose. The most commonly requested behaviors are: 

  • Recall
  • Housebreaking
  • Crate training
  • Leash manners
  • Appropriate greeting behavior
  • Getting ready for a new baby

In addition, once booked for ITE we send you a questionnaire containing questions about your dog and your training goals, as well as your previous dog training experience. We are committed to your dog's success, so it is important that we know your expectations for ITE.

How does the program work?

Your dog comes to our facility every day, Monday through Friday, for four weeks and works with 1-2 trainers every day. It's important that your dog work with a variety of trainers so he will generalize his training and respond to anyone who gives the appropriate cue. We want your dog to respond to you just as well as he does to our professional trainers.

In addition, he gets all the benefits of our daycare program - off leash play and outdoor potty every two hours.

How do I learn what my dog knows?

Each week you'll meet with the lead trainer to discuss your dog's progress and be instructed on the behaviors.

Won't my dog forget everything after he leaves ITE?

NO. Your dog's response will actually improve if you use the behaviors consistently on a daily basis.

What about follow-up?

At the end of the program you will receive a personalized report outlining the behaviors worked. This is a great reference tool.

What do clients say about ITE?

"Four weeks ago I couldn't get Chance to sit. Now he listens to me even when other dogs are around." --Gene

"Housebreaking was so much easier because the trainers were consistent with Truman and I just had to follow through at home." --Sara

"With the proper training, even a dog who isn't friendly with other dogs (like my Boochoo) can learn to be calm when other dogs are around. ITE was the best investment I could have made." --Pam (client and employee!)

"We don't have time to put in hours of training with Ceilidh so we let the professionals do the job. He's trained to a level we never dreamed of."--Craig and Sarah

Call 773-539-1088 to reserve your space. Competitively priced at $2,500.

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