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GOAL:       To teach your dog that Agility is fun and to recognize the agility obstacles.  By the end of the course, your dog will be able to do an on-leash course consistently.

General Guidelines:

These guidelines will help make agility training fun for you and your dog. Please read them thoroughly.

  • All dogs are to stay on leash unless specifically instructed otherwise.

  • Your dog should already be proficient at Down; Sit; Stay; and have a reliable recall. Continue practicing obedience behaviors at home.

  • Use ONLY buckle or quick-release collars. No prong or choke collars are allowed on the agility course. Your dog could be severely injured if they got caught on a piece of equipment.

  • Use a leash and be careful that it doesn’t get caught on equipment.  Your dog should be physically fit before beginning agility training. If your dog becomes injured in any way, stop training immediately.

  • Keep your dog’s nails trimmed. Long nails could cause injury to your dog.

  • Use praise, treats or toys to encourage and reward your dog. Self-confidence is crucial to agility dogs.

  • We will have a warm-up at the start of each class. Always warm-up your dog before jumping or obstacle work.

  • For safety reasons, only one dog at a time is allowed to run the agility course. Please be considerate and wait for your turn.

  • Work for directional control of your dog.

  • Above all, remember that AGILITY IS FUN FOR DOGS AND HANDLERS!

Check our Calendar for upcoming classes and call 773-539-1088 to register!

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