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Where does my dog sleep at night when boarding?

We recommend that you bring your dog in early on their first day of boarding so they have lots of play time, that way they get nice and tired for their first nights stay.  Dogs are taken out every 2 hours during the day and their last walk is at 9pm.  At that time all dogs are crated for the night and will be let out again at 6am. We are staffed 24/7 - a staff member stays overnight in the same room where our boarding dogs are crated.

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What should I bring in for my dog's boarding stay?

All you need to bring with you is your dog's food, and any medications if necessary.  We ask that you will provide our daycare staff with specific feeding instructions at drop off.  Your dog’s regular food should be packed individually per meal or 5lb bags. You may bring multiple 5lb bags if necessary.  Should your dog need additional food, we will select one of the foods we sell.  We do not accept any personal items such as beds, toys or chews.

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