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CALL OF THE WILD School for Dogs


IMG_0121Boarding dogs spend their day in our premium daycare. The same high standards that characterize our training program are applied to daycare and boarding.

Most dogs that board are already familiar with our facility, our staff, our routine and each other. Because of this, adding a sleep-over is very stress-free.

Boarding dogs receive physical and mental stimulation in our highly structured daycare. Once bedtime comes, the dogs are already content and tired. They sleep well because they have been exercised and stimulated during the day.

We are staffed 24/7. Our highly trained dog care staff spends the night in the same room where the dogs sleep. Your dog is never left unattended.




  • Parvo/distemper
  • Rabies
  • Biannual fecal test
  • Annual Bordetella (though we strongly encourage all students @COTW to discuss the need for a biannual booster with their vet)
  • Canine influenza vaccination (H3N2)
  • As of July 1, 2017 males must be neutered by 1 year of age in order to be on group play


  • $47/night. 







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